Industrial Carbon Brush Products

We understand the specific needs of various industrial fields and are committed to providing reliable and professional solutions to increase the running time of the motor and reduce the maintenance cost.

With 30 years of industry experience, a top expert team, and strong design and manufacturing capabilities, we provide customers with products (customized carbon brush products and accessories) and solutions suitable for various working conditions and environments.

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Industrial Carbon Brush Products


Raw Materials

Newyard Carbon is one of the biggest carbon brushe raw materials supplier in the world, and we have been working with globally famous carbon brush OEMs and supplying them raw materials for many years. 

Our raw materials were developed according to various complicated application environment, and make sure it achieves excellent performance under different load conditions. 


Produtos acabados de escova de carvão

Newyard industrial carbon brushes products cna achieve excellent reliability through unique formulations. The stable oxide film forming ability ensures a low friction coefficient. Stronger spark suppression can achieve smaller carbon brush loss.

Our advanced R&D and design capabilities, coupled with complete production capacity and industrial chain, and abundant carbon brush models suitable for a variety of complex working conditions, can be customized according to customer specific needs and achieve less commutator wear and lower motor repair rate.

Industrial Carbon Brush Products In Production

Guide to Carbon Brush Selection

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